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Hi all.

I am GIV, i come from Romania and i have done in the past some research on reversing field.

I have published some Ollydbg scripts regarding Themida, Armadillo, Enigma and other protectors based on available info at that moment or personal research. I have done some videos regarding RE also. They are public and available on the Internet.

I have some expertise on the reversing field but from 2016 i am retired to real life.

I am glad to be part of this comunity.

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    Thank you very much for registering from the Romanian masters.
    ! It is shared in the field of rce, we are very aware of it, thank you very much for being a member of our community, now you are also our VIP
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    GIV is very welcome to register, I am very happy that GIV has come to this community. It is well known that GIV is a master and is proud of being a friend with him! Thanks again to GIV for contributing to RCE!
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