We sincerely invite [ ZeNiX ] to be our administrator

Administrator admin 5 Months+ 818

1.First of all, thank very much ZeNiX for being the administrator of our forum.

2.Mr. ZeNiX has a very rich forum management experience and he is also one of the administrators of the exetools forum(Also Unpack.cn [CUG] administrator)

3.ZeNiX has a very high popularity in China LCG, Exetools, Pediy, CUG and other forums and has published many authoritative technical articles in the RCE field, bringing a lot of colors to the RCE field!

4.Let us thank ZeNiX for contributing to us! He is our forever friend !

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  • Administrator ZeNiX 3 Months+
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    Thank you for Invitation.
    It is my honour to be here.