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VIP user group application conditions:

1.Our VIPs are all awarded manually.

2.When you submit your application, you have the opportunity to become a VIP (according to the submitted technical work information)

3.Based on the performance in this forum and if we know your achievements in other forums.

4.Moderators or managers associated with other RCE forums

5.Provide sufficient level of RCE related technical proof tutorials or other.

If you become VIP, we will make an announcement in the forum!


Application VIP rules (Provide sufficient level of RCE related technical proof tutorials or other.)


1.Please post the application topic in the corresponding area!   http://forum.crack.vc/?forum-2.htm

The following is a reference sample

Apply Title:  ID: Sound > Application VIP

1.Application I D: Sound

2.Original technical articles/tutorials/Etc at RCE .(Content not related to RCE is discouraged. At least two)

KeyGen Safengine Shielden+Licensor.2.4.X.X Licensing Protection-By.Sound


Bypass Vmp3.2.0 Anti Debugger+ Anti Vmware By.Sound



PS:Please wait for the administrator to review after posting the corresponding topics including content!

BTW:If application does not pass, please apply again after 1 month!(Please note that the work must be able to prove original!)

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