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Apply for an account and VIP rules

Everything must be applied in accordance with the rules, reply in this post.

0x1: apply for membership [ Master's apply account channel]

Apply format (all contents are required)

Apply Title:  Application Member ( ID ):   E.g > Application Member :

1.Application I D :

2.Personal Email: (should confirm that the mailbox can be used normally, can not be modified after registration)

3.Original technical articles/tutorials/Etc at RCE .(Content not related to RCE is discouraged.)

4.Self introduction:  Your profile

5.Reason for registration. Purpose and expectation:Any needs and ideas for you

There will be a complete apply reference sample in this topic reply, Please note.

Apply Topic >>>>   

6.Send to E-mail >>>

Review is usually within 48 hours, please be patient!

BTW:After the apply is successful, please submit the information/tutorials or other publications of the applyyou submitted in the corresponding thread!!!


VIP user group application conditions:

1.Our VIPs are all awarded manually.

2.When you submit your application, you have the opportunity to become a VIP (according to the submitted technical work information)

3.Based on the performance in this forum and if we know your achievements in other forums.

4.Moderators or managers associated with other RCE forums

5.VIP member recommended. 

If you become a VIP, we will make an announcement in the forum!

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