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Apply for an account and VIP rules

Everything must be applied in accordance with the rules, reply in this post.

0x1: apply for membership [ Master's apply account channel]

Apply format (all contents are required)

Apply Title:  Application Member ( ID ):   E.g > Application Member :

1.Application I D :

2.Personal Email: (should confirm that the mailbox can be used normally, can not be modified after registration)

3.Original technical articles/tutorials/Etc at RCE .(Content not related to RCE is discouraged.)

4.Self introduction:  Your profile

5.Reason for registration. Purpose and expectation:Any needs and ideas for you

There will be a complete apply reference sample in this topic reply, Please note.

6.Send to E-mail >>>

Review is usually within 48 hours, please be patient!

BTW:After the apply is successful, please submit the information/tutorials or other publications of the applyyou submitted in the corresponding thread!!!


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