Summary of the Forum Rules

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0x0.All posts must be written in English.(Username must also be in English)

0x1.Do not post mirrors for attachments uploaded by other members.

0x3.Strive to keep posts clean, friendly, and on topic.

0x4.Make sure that you post new threads in the correct section.

0x5.Posts unrelated to reverse engineering are discouraged.

0x6.Registered user name must not be similar to the management group.

0x8.Don't post any political, pornographic, etc. information that violates laws and regulations.

0x9.One user with multiple IDs are not allowed and will be banned or deleted.

0xA.Please do not make a meaningless reply.

0xB.Do not request crack/unpack/Keygen/etc or similar topics.(Private messages are also not allowed!)

0xC.Do not spam, abuse or threaten any member in the Forum, whether by post, email, private message or any other means.

0xD.When file size is small, please upload as attachment.When file size is big, please upload to a public (free to download) internet (cloud) space.Do not use those (money-making) services.

0xE.Please use the replies visible / login visible / user group permissions for any topic!

0xF.If you upload the file directly, please use the password and set the theme permissions!(replies visible / login visible )

Have Fun ,Good luck !

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